Authors' Pages:  Gerald Spencer and Marcela Basteri.
Barukh atah Adonai . . . shehekhyanu vekiymanu vehigianu lazman hazeh
Book Synopsis: The Watchers

All works copyrighted, Gerald Spencer 2001 - 2006 all rights reserved.

The Romeo and Juliet Chronicles, Part 7: The Watchers. Synopsis. Gerald Spencer, author.
305 pages.*
A zealous religious group, seeking relics, fails at entry to a long shuttered shop through an
adjoining bakery. In an arcade in an old section of Milan, Italy, the small group tries to
batter, then burn, down the shop's wooden door. The fire ignites the gas leak they caused.
Some neighboring shops are badly damaged in the explosion but the goal of their efforts is
intact. The owners are contacted by police the night of the “apparent bombing.” They are
the latest branch of a very large family, the Sabatini, the 1,750th generation in a long line
of vintners, merchants, historians, including Josephus: bureaucrats and collectors of many
things. In this current age, the family includes music and fashion. Ruled by tradition and
lore, older than the clay tablets and scratched stones that occupy long unopened drawers
in cabinets of the Sabatini holdings, they are governed more by genetics than any
commandment; the bloodline is everything. They are human, with human needs and
passions, as human as the souls they watch that transition from body to body over the
millenia. The latest two generations have been busy, the pair for whom they watch, then
shepherd, appear twice in less than twenty five years; causing some to believe this world
spins closer to its end, causing a rift in the family and a mutiny against time honored
Gian Como Sabatini, Giani, becomes the newest “head” of this family where the daughters
have sight of past, present and future. The sons have the sight of a “present” that is kept
behind locked doors,  in darkened rooms, shadows and in hearts; they see things as they
are, not as they appear. Giani meets Cynara, the love of his young life, while at university
in Venezia. He sees nothing but love in Cynara, he is blinded by that love. His father, Uriel,
insists his son return to Milano after graduation, Giani is able to see the now pregnant
Cynara only on weekends and holidays. In becoming “head” of the family, he learns he
will be watcher to a special child born to the pair of souls they watched here twenty
generations past. Being with his love in Venezia will be impossible, he must stay in Milano
for this watched pair are manipulated to come there; now. On a surprise trip to Venezia,
Giani tries to persuade Cynara to leave that city for Milano, marry him. She cannot,
revealing she is . . .
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All works copyrighted, Gerald Spencer
2001 - 2006 all rights reserved.
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