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Book Synopsis: Destination Standerton

All works copyrighted, Gerald Spencer 2001 - 2006 all rights reserved.

Destination Standerton. Synopsis. Gerald Spencer, author. 300 pages.
In 1900-1902, the British instituted concentration camps in what is now northern South
Africa. The “resettlements” were populated by the white wives, young sons and daughters
of the Boer soldiers and farmers who were fighting against the British army take over of
the nation once granted to them by England after the first Boer War. Unfortunately, the
Boer asked for it, committing the sin of hubris.
One hundred years later, highly vocal and energetic advocates of reparation by the
current British government ruffle high level influential figures who seek to silence the
movement agitators by the use of violent hired thugs. A young man from the US, Louis,
while tracing a sapphire left him by his grandfather, is mistaken for the potential
movement leader as he travels under an assumed name on his way to Standerton, South
Africa. In Africa, the young man meets with a real Boer movement leader who, with
friends, helps the young man uncover the poignant love story of a British camp doctor and
the widow of a Boer farmer.
Peter is a widower and the heir of an aristocratic British family; moreover, cousin to the
architect of the camps, Lord Kitchener. Ann, is a three time Boer widow with five starving
young boys and a new born baby. A chance meeting with one of her boys, Tristan, and the
doctor, bring the couple together.
Kitchener gives Peter two things: one, his personal aide, Robert, with whom he has
become bored and, two, a “suggestion” that Peter find ways to diminish the numbers of
camp inmates. Lord Kitchener unwittingly provides the means by which Peter and Ann are
united and the means by which the dark lord's wishes to wipe out the camp population
come true. Death and illness run rampant in the Standerton camp astride the Vaal River,
all of it planned well and executed by the cunning traits which Lord Kitchener taught and
instilled in Robert, the young man he makes Peter's aide. Robert's questionable actions
are supported by his new friend, Andrew, the camp commander's aide.
Robert's plot backfires on Peter and him when the camp commander calls the camp's
doctor to task. The camp's nurse, who despises Peter, assumes command . . .
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All works copyrighted, Gerald Spencer
2001 - 2006 all rights reserved.
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