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Spencer Family History, North American Line:
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North American Spencer Lines:James and Isabello produced a son also named James, born about 1694 or 1695, probably in
Virginia or the Barbadoes. He married Anne Benson about 1720 in Talbot County, Maryland, and they had four children,
James Jr., Nicholas, Robert and Rhoda. Robert married Mary Sherwood about 1746 and they had seven children. Rhoda
married Henry Abrams about 1748 and they had eight children. Henry Abrams was born in Wales, and lived to the age of 108.
They lived at Turkeyfoot, Somerset County, Pennsylvania*(4). James Jr. married Mary Abrams, the daughter of Henry
Abrams and Rhoda Spencer, about 1760 and they also lived at Turkeyfoot, but later moved to near Somerset, in Perry County,
Ohio. James Jr. and Mary had thirteen children, Rhoda who married Benjamin Jennings Jr., who served in the Revolutionary
War as a private in Captain David Kilgore's Company from Pennsylvania. James Spencer Jr. who was born about 1730 , died
Dec. 9, 1825, also served as a ranger in the Revolutionary War. James is buried in the Hopewell Baptist Cemetery, Somerset,
Perry County, Ohio, whose land was donated to them by James's son William. Their other children included Thomas, Olive,
Jesse, William, Dinah, Elizabeth, Dorcas, Benjamin, Drusilla, James Spencer III, born June 16, 1787and Sarah, born about
1788. James Spencer III married Rachel Mitchell, granddaughter of James Mitchell and Elizabeth McIlhenny of Northern
Ireland. Rachel bore James a son named Francis Marion Spencer, born August 9, 1811, but Rachel died only a few years later,
April 2, 1814 in Fairfield County, Ohio. James remarried Nancy McClelland shortly after the death of his first wife and they
had six children, Samuel, Asa, Abner, James B, Pearson and Caroline, between 1827 and 1840. Francis Spencer moved to
Porter County, Indiana in 1832 where he married Anna Blalock on Sept. 22, 1827, but they moved to Missouri in 1838 and
eventually settled in Putnam County, Missouri where they lived on a farm. They had nine children while living in Putnam Co.,
James who married Martha Ann Dunn, Harriet Ann who married Samuel Hurlburt, Mary Ann who married S. D. Humbling,
Jesse L. who married Ida L. McLaglen, Sarah Jane who married John Parker Huffman, Francis Marion Jr. who married
Missouri Mulkey, Eli who married Nettie Mulkey, and Ruth Ellen who died at the age of three in Walla Walla,
Washington.Francis Marion Spencer decided to move his family to the Oregon Territory in 1864, after his neighbors began
pressuring him to come out for the Union or Confederate side during the Civil War. Because he feared possible harm to his
family, he sold his farm, bought an ox team and wagon, and traveled from Missouri across the plains, along the Oregon trail,
until he arrived at Fort Walla Walla in Washington in the winter of 1864/65. In the summer of 1865 he traveled with his family
to Benton County, Oregon, where he purchased a homestead of 80 acres adjacent to the Alsea Highway, near Westwood, 7
miles from Philomath. He lived there until his children were grown and had left home, working as a farmer and part time as a
blacksmith, where he provided horseshoes for his neighbors' horses. He and his wife later moved to Blodgett, in Benton
County, Oregon, and lived there until his death in 1897.In the United States, John C. Spencer was the Secretary of War and
later Secretary of the Treasury under President Tyler. John Spencer of Wauconda, Lake Co., Illinois, though born in England,
was a well known millwright in 1885. The name John Spencer can be found at the present time in many professions, including
the astronomer at Lowell Observatory, and the well-known character actor who played on L.A. Law and Leo McGarry on the
hit NBC TV series "The West Wing." In the U.K., John Spencer's Company publishes many science fiction magazines,and
another John Spencer has written a book about Self Employment, and another John Spencer is a noted Striker for various
Scottish Soccer clubs. In the U.S., another John Spencer was the head coach of Bridgewater College from 1968-1984, and
another John Spencer is a race car driver from Las Vegas, Nevada. Jeremy Spencer has been a long time band member of
Fleetwood Mac. Joel Spencer is a Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at N.Y. University.The Spencer Dynasty
has lines in Portugal, France and Italy.

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Material by Glenn Abernathy and Janet Daniels.