Authors' Pages:  Gerald Spencer and Marcela Basteri.
Barukh atah Adonai . . . shehekhyanu vekiymanu vehigianu lazman hazeh
Book Synopsis: Marcela

The Romeo and Juliet Chronicles, Part 8: Marcela. Synopsis. Copyright 2006 Gerald
Spencer and Marcela Basteri,  all rights reserved. 600 pages.*
A mother disappears after abandoning her teenage son and his two younger brothers to
her husband. The husband dies a few years later, broken, alone, fired as manager and
estranged by his musical prodigy son, but the mother does not appear to claim her
children. World press alleges the man died from pneumonia following a heart attack, the
conditions complicated by AIDS, others know the real truth. The mother is in hiding.
The oldest son, now acting mother and father to his young brothers, sets out on a fruitless
search for their mother.  They are fearful, also, that the hit man the father may have hired,
before he died, perhaps was successful.
   Four years later, the entertainment prodigy has fathers coming out of the woodwork
like cast members in an ABBA musical. Is the man who raised him, taught him music, his
father? Is the man who claims to have met his mother in a park, the man who wants DNA
testing, his real father? The man insults him, saying, “Even a dog deserves a name.” Is it
the shadowy figure who stands a few feet from him at the dedication of his star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame? The man who stood in front of him at the press conference
after, the man who bolsters the entertainer's world wide exposure and appeal?
   Already depressed by her lost dreams, frightened by the words and efforts of an
unwanted suitor, she contacts the man to whom she was wed for a brief time. He was
used, just like her and the man who raised her son, but he agrees to attempt a
reconciliation to give parental support and love in her absence. After several years, she
contacts him again. She sends him a note with a bundle of papers wrapped in an old t-shirt
and shorts. The note says simply, “Write your book, Spencer. Love, Marcela.”
   If there were attempts to have her killed, they failed in previous years. Successful
efforts by friends kept her hidden, safe. Now that she emerges, to live life anew and on
her own terms, the hired killers begin to move once again. Tragedy forces the hand of an
established, distinguished, family to come to her aid and end years of emptiness and
despair once and for all.

Marcela is herstory, based on information she passed to her first husband. Marcela covers
events in the year prior to her first child's birth in 1970 into the new millennium when she
arrives in Milan Italy, to stay, thirty one years after conceiving her son in that same city.

All works copyrighted, Gerald Spencer
2001 - 2006 all rights reserved.
John heard his friend's mother ask for
help. On hearing his mother, the friend
said: "Oh woman, what do you have to
do with me?" Mark agrees with him, he
heard their friend talk about the
crowds that came to hear him, "Here
are my mother and my brothers.
Whoever does what I want is my
brother and my sister and mother."
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While many of the events, places, and characters portrayed in these books
are factual and a matter of public record, the conversations held between
the historical/public figures and the fictional characters are completely has
been taken with context and motivation.

fabricated. Wherever possible, the authors have attempted to use actual
phrases of the speaker and to keep to the known facts, but literary license
has been taken with context and motivation.

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