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Barukh atah Adonai . . . shehekhyanu vekiymanu vehigianu lazman hazeh
Book Synopsis: Jake and Diane
Jake and Diane: An American Novel. Gerald Spencer, Author. 558 pages. Synopsis:

Jake and Diane, high school seniors in the small depressed Appalachian town of Farthing Virginia, run away from home. Packing only a
few clothes and having little money, they accept a cross country ride. The driver, Dirk, an oversexed thirty five year old textbook
salesman, abandons them on a deserted roadside in the foothills of the mountains outside of Denver. The couple, moments from death,
are rescued by the arrival of an elderly couple at their mountain retreat. While Jake and Diane are being transported to the hospital,
major accidents at a ski resort and on the access highways cause delay and death.  Dirk returns to the east coast, travels to Florida
where he meets a pair of welfare thieves  preying on horny men like Dirk. He is hospitalized after being left for dead.
In Farthing, life goes on. Young people fight to survive, physically and emotionally. A young girl is brutally murdered, her body
abandoned near the town's water supply. A two-time Viet Nam veteran imagines the woods surrounding the town are full of Viet Cong
which his platoon must eliminate. A young man has AIDS, fears he passed it . . .
(Full synopsis available on request.)

All works copyrighted, Gerald Spencer
2001 - 2006 all rights reserved.
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