SixthRomeo.com   Authors' Pages:  Gerald Spencer and Marcela Basteri.
Barukh atah Adonai . . . shehekhyanu vekiymanu vehigianu lazman hazeh
After eleven years of putting pen to paper and six years after
privately publishing the first book of
The Romeo and Juliet
 The Chronicles Parts 6, 7 and 8, as well as
Destination Standerton and Jake and Diane: An American Novel
are currently in print; other works are following.
This site is an attempt of the authors to communicate with the
reading public at large. We hope it will foster a metaphysical
dialog between the authors and the readers.
In these pages we will:
  • Present information on published works.
  • Present information on completed but unpublished
  • Present information on works in progress.
  • Provide Internet links for Print and E-Book
Ha’le’val She’Timshol Al Ha’Hoseh Ve’Ali
In loving memory of Richard Francis Husar, Born 23 July 1953, returned to God on 03 December
1994. Richard "Rick" was my first friend at University of Illinois at Chicago Circle in 1972 and my
best friend through our years there. Rick saved my life, I wish I could have saved his.
With appreciation: Lady Caroline Lamb, Lord Byron and Professor Paul Douglass