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About Motive: Mitzrayim, Exodus and Teshuvah
You can either be a walk-on player in your life, a bit player, a supporting role or the lead. The choice is yours. The same goes for the world stage; you can be
scenery, you can be catering, you can be a director or a player in one of the first mentioned levels. Your life is yours, no one else belongs to you. If you stay a
private citizen, your life is yours. If you do not, then your life is not private, it is public.

I wrote Part 6 of The Romeo and Juliet Chronicles first. I was nearing the end of my life, it is a death-bed confession. The millennium was dawning while my body
and spirit were setting. I didn't have much time. I recovered with the belief time was short. I began to write. I wrote excuses or explanations for deeds done or not
done in a full life: A life lived in the blink of an eye by the time I reached twenty-two and left beloved Europe behind. It was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.
What more need I say? It still is, I continue to write but I write and publish in haste. The works are unleavened bread, all, they are not edited. Soon, I hope, we
will have the time and someone to do that. The first writing is for the son of a soul mate. Yes, a trite phrase, soul mate only those who have them or had them
know what that really means. If the book weren't written, the son wouldn't know the information contained on its pages. He wouldn't know why these people
acted the way they did, why they made certain choices over the years, why they did those things to him. It is now almost five years since I delivered the first
printed copy of that book. It is all out of love, no malice, no other intent. Tell the truth, if you make it pretty then you lie. Tell the truth, if you over dramatize then
perhaps you romanticize. Women relate their love in romantic ways; men simply relate their love, cut to the chase, give enough information to set a scene. If men
cannot put a simple story to paper then they use expensive guns to shoot numbers of people dead or leave them maimed, while blowing up as much real estate as
possible. It's a guy thing, that's romance for some men. Oh, don't think for a moment that I intend to sanctify women overall; it's a rare case that deserves a halo.
People are what they are, they do what they do, to achieve their goals. Do people change? Indeed, they do, it is why they are here.

The writing as therapy becomes more important. It's a way to put things out of your mind, once and for all. Writing is cathartic, like passing a kidney stone, you
want it to be over, done with, gone. Who wants another? Other works follow and intermingle. Writing is also creative. Life is for creation. If you do not create
then you are the potter's vessel. God is a potter, He wants us to be potters like Him. Each work is a spiritual stepping stone, a marker going forward on the line
toward becoming one with the Creator. The forward movement is for either the authors, the subjects, the inspiration or all; hopefully, also for the reader. This is
unequivocal: The Creator requires forward movement from us.

Parts 1 through 5 of The Romeo and Juliet Chronicles will be written while I also work on the current outlined project about a detective, his love life and the many
happenings on the barrier island of St. Pete Beach Florida. Sound like it's been done? It has, just not in this way. In My Father's House is a new, yet very old,
project about how different, yet same, life is for two close friends separated by generations of time but never apart in spiritual space. A Kevorkian Christmas, is
the novel used as the basis of the stage musical of the same title. The Navigator Sermons is a collection of talks and discussions to aid in receptive spirituality for
those busy with life.
Echo et Narchisse - Echo en Narcissus 1630
Nicolas Poussin 1590 - 1665 France
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